2018 Hong Kong 7’s tickets (Members Only)

Dear Tigers,

The 2018 Hong Kong 7’s tickets  (6-7 April 2018) are now on sale on TicketFlap. Only MEMBERS who have paid their MEMBERSHIP FEES will be eligible to purchase tickets.

Please click on the below link to access to TicketFlap Mini Tiger’s page :



Two (2) Adults Tickets Maximum

Price : $1950 + $80 Admin Fee.


One (1) Child Ticket per REGISTERED CHILD. Please purchase ticket only for registered kids.

Price :

Option A (kids): $950+ $48 Admin Fee for a 3 days ticket.

Option B (Kids): $150+ $22 Admin Fee for Friday and Saturday Ticket.

If you have not paid your MEMBERSHIP FEE or if you are not REGISTERED, Please do not try to buy tickets as those tickets are for MEMBERS ONLY. We will REFUNDED the tickets - $100 ADMIN CHARGE.

Go Tigers!!!