Weekly Update USRC TIGERS 29/09

Hi Everyone, 

This Sunday training as usual 8:30-10:30.

Same as last week we will distribute the uniform at the end of the training near the cage. For those who ordered large size shirt and short, the new order has been confirm to end of October by Tsunami.

Sunday Morning, The company Armory Mouthguard will be in KP. Armory Mouthguard is one of the sponsor of the HKRMFU and has developed an home kit impression solution that enables parents to easily do the impression.

  • Home kit includes putty and tray (different sizes available) and pre-addressed postage-paid box for returning impression to Armory
  • Parents fill in ordering form, make payment on line, make impression and post to Armory
  • Parents will receive mouth guard in 3 weeks

About Armory :

Established December 2014

Formed by Oliver Arthey (Rugby Player) and Dr. Nicholas Tsang (Dentist)

Passion for Safety and fun improvement

Cayman Islands 7s team wore in HK7s 2016

Rex Tso Hong Kong’s premier boxer wears our mouthguards

Benefits of Custom Fit Mouthguard

Secure Dental and laceral protection

Comfortable custom fit

Improved breathing


Tomorrow afternoon, Our Senior Teams will play 3 games at KP. Try to come to support our boys and girls.


Premiership : USRC TGER vs  HKCC @4 :30pm

Women Premiership : USRC TIGERS VS CITY SPARKLE @6pm 

See you on Sunday