USRC Tigers RFC Minis Division: The 2017/18 Tigers Mini Rugby season starts on Sunday

Hi Everyone,

Only 2 days left before the beginning of the season, don't forget to set your alarm clocks on Saturday night! Training will start Sunday 3th of September at 8:30 am. 

If you have not yet registered for the new season, please do it  on our website : 

We will start the distribution of the new kit, so bring along your registration print-outs and payment proof. No payment proof - no kit.

But no rush please: Our volunteers will be there every Sunday for the next weeks.  If you want to give us an hand, feel free to join.

Size 3 balls will be handed out to newbies only.

We have already received a lot of enquiry about the possibility of a typhoon this Sunday. We will cancel the training  when: Rainstorm Warning Red or Black, T8 or above.

For First Timers, please find below the name of the Head Coach and Manager:

U6 (2012-2013)  Mark, Ilan and Julie on Pitch 3 (Bottom one)

U7 (2011) Lloyd and Maurice on Pitch 3

U8 (2010) Simon and Rilla on Pitch 1

U9 (2009) Steve on Pitch 1

U9 Girls (2009) Cali on Pitch 1

U10 (2008) Richard and Suzanne on Pitch 1

U10 Girls (2008) Cali on Pitch 1 With U9 Girls

U11 (2007) Leo and Dai on Pitch 2

U11/12 Girls (2007-2006) James and Frances on Pitch 2

U12 (2006) Ronald and Candy on Pitch 2

See you on Sunday,


PS : Do not forget your mouth-guard, plenty of water and sun-screen (or an umbrella)